National Grant SecretsOne of the well known online grant resources, National Grant Secrets offers a huge database full of information. The company is privately owned, and it teaches people how they can get free government grants from not only the government, but from private foundations as well.

Once you have purchased their program, you will have instant access to all of these grant programs and step by step instructions to guide you through getting the money. You will learn many other things that you likely don’t know about grants as well, such as the fact that you can qualify for grants even with a bad credit history or low income, and you won’t have to pay them back.

The information supplied guides you through the application process, and offers many hints that can help get you to the front of the line among the many other grant applicants. You will learn about the many different programs which are available, allowing you to pick the ones that will suit your needs.

They will show you how to get money to help you purchase your new house, repair your existing one, buy a new vehicle, travel and many other personal needs you may have. The section on business grants gives you information you can use to help you open a new business or grow your current one. And, they will tell you to act right now to be sure that you get your fair share.

You will also get access to all the information showing you how to get thousands of dollars from many of the private foundations that are out there. Many people aren’t aware that some foundations are in fact required to give a certain amount of their profits away each year. You will learn exactly which ones these are.

Grants are available to every United States citizen and resident, and everyone is eligible to receive not only US Federal Government grants, but the Private Foundation funded and State Government grants. No credit checks are required, no collateral is needed, or any security deposits or co-signers – and the best part is that grants do not ever need to be repaid.

More good news is that the grants program is open to all applicants regardless of whether or not you have ever had to declare bankruptcy or currently have a bad credit rating. The wide variety of grants available that you will learn about include:

    1. Personal Grants

    2. Small Business Grants

    3. School Grants and Scholarships

    4. Housing Assistance Grants

    5. Minority Assistance Grants

    6. Grants & Funding for Women

    7. Science and Technology Grants

And many more grants available in the National Grant Secrets software. Out of the database provided, there are nearly 1400 federal grant programs, 17,000 state grant programs as well as 20,000 scholarship programs that are available every single year.

Our favourite thing about the National Grant Secrets is that they provide direct access to the grant postings, allowing you to see every single qualification you will need to submit an effective proposal. You will know exactly what the criteria is for every grant that is posted.

Not only that, but the site also offers:

  • Private Foundation Grant Directory
  • Federal Grant Program Directory
  • Sample Grant Proposal Template
  • Expert Proposal Writing Tutorials
  • Monthly audio sessions to help you get your desired amount
  • Monthly advanced training helping you to get your grant faster
  • Instantly Updated Directory

Many Americans assume there is no real help and will allow their debt to get out of control and then eventually accept bankruptcy as their only option. It’s not. Billions of dollars in grants are available, but you have to fill out the applications and apply for the money. You can even receive money to start a business or pay for school. There is wide variety of options.

Even if you have applied for federal grants in the past, and got denied, we’re sure that this software is going to ensure that you take the right steps this time and prepare better than you’ve ever been able to.